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We are Richard (English) and Anne-Sophie (French), we met in England and after too many years living the rat race in London we decided to finally take the jump and start a new life in the French countryside (Alsace). We moved to a small town called Cernay at the end of 2009. This blog is about us settling in, to keep in touch with our friends and hopefully also to give some inspiration to other people who are thinking of changing life!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Feathered friend

Being a bit of a wildlife fanatic, I have been delighted to spot a couple of pheasants visiting the little bit of ground next to our building. Every morning, when I open the blinds, they are there grazing and it makes me incredibly happy! I hope that we'll be able to see their chicks soon too. Other regular visitors spotted from our balcony include a beautiful falcon, a bat and a feret, who seems to enjoy nothing more than to walk on the cars parked in the street.

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