Welcome to La Vie en Vosges!

We are Richard (English) and Anne-Sophie (French), we met in England and after too many years living the rat race in London we decided to finally take the jump and start a new life in the French countryside (Alsace). We moved to a small town called Cernay at the end of 2009. This blog is about us settling in, to keep in touch with our friends and hopefully also to give some inspiration to other people who are thinking of changing life!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Winter is not over yet in the Vosges...

For Richard's birthday we decided to go on a little walk in the Vallee de Munster... It's only when we started going up to the mountain top that we realised that we might have been a bit optimistic on the weather! It was still snowing quite heavily up there (about 1100 meters...)
Still, fantastic views and dramatic landscapes, followed by a meal in the very hidden ferme auberge Schupferen made up for the day !