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We are Richard (English) and Anne-Sophie (French), we met in England and after too many years living the rat race in London we decided to finally take the jump and start a new life in the French countryside (Alsace). We moved to a small town called Cernay at the end of 2009. This blog is about us settling in, to keep in touch with our friends and hopefully also to give some inspiration to other people who are thinking of changing life!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spring time update

Long time no speak!

March started fantastically with Sarah's visit on the 6th. The day before her arrival, we had the last (fingers crossed) big snow dump of the year. The cold discouraged us from visiting too much and we decided to rather enjoy the cosy winstubs (traditional wine bars) and patisseries. Thanks again Sarah for coming over!

This month I turned 31 which I found rather depressing. I had a great time celebrating with my oldest girlfriends in the wonderful restaurant Los Loquitos in Strasbourg.

Too many mojitos and manzanas later, I also found the time to do lots of riding this month, including an afternoon riding the mischievous Jasmine in the beautiful Alsatian Ried, and participating for my first TREC competition since 2003. As this was one of the main motivation for me to come back home, I have been truly appreciating every second of it. The day started terribly early  (5am at the stables which, considering the change of clocks that night, felt more like 4am), started with 1h30 drive to the other end of Alsace, 2h30 orienteering in the morning followed by a cross in the afternoon, then back at the stables at 9.30pm. My team did not do too well this time, however I am certain that this will improve in the next competitions all across the spring and summer.

Richard was not left out as he participated to his first ride with the Cernay Cyclo Club. I am hoping that he can start cycling regularly now as there are many clubs only a footstep from our front door and this will enable him to meet people and learn French. We have also been able to go on our first proper mountain bike ride together as the snow as metled mostly everywhere. Tough climbs but such fun to go down fast through the forest!

Happy Easter everyone, speak soon (do bully Rich for him to write a bit on here, he's been very lazy on that front!)

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