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We are Richard (English) and Anne-Sophie (French), we met in England and after too many years living the rat race in London we decided to finally take the jump and start a new life in the French countryside (Alsace). We moved to a small town called Cernay at the end of 2009. This blog is about us settling in, to keep in touch with our friends and hopefully also to give some inspiration to other people who are thinking of changing life!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Begging in Cernay

Apologies for the recent lack of posts on the blog ! We've been quite busy here snowboarding, cooking, eating out and watching the Tudors season III. Oh, and I also nearly getting stuck by a snow storm in Baden-Baden, Germany, unable to pout some snow chains on the Honda. I've been pestering Richard to write some more but he assured me he could not perform under pressure :)

Anyway, this morning (Saturday) we decided to go to 'town' to purchase some bread and Valentines treats. I decided to try out a new boulangerie - just to make life a little bit more exciting. As we went in, a lady standing at the door asked us for change. 'To eat, to buy a sandwich' she said with a heartbreaking look. Alas I did not have any change so we entered the shop.

As we were waiting to be served, I told Richard I would give the lady some change on the way out. 'Anyone begging by minus 5 degrees must really be in need' I thought, suddenly feeling guilty of spending some money on patisseries.

As we were being served, I saw the begging lady coming in the shop. She asked for the time. The shop owners answered. But the lady did not go out then. As we were getting out, we heard her saying 'I'll have the usual then - the 2.50 euros a piece of chocolate cake please !'.

I have to say this was one of the best comedy situation I have been in for a while. We liked the style; begging for a patisserie. Thumbs up !

And to finish, a couple of our latest pictures :
a bike in the Thur

back from the boulangerie

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